October 07, 2013

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Status Shades Tech

Here at Status Shades we've spent quite a lot of time designing our one off frames.  Whether it be figuring out which color combos look the absolute raddest, or if the plastic is durable enough to hold up to our active lifestyles.


First and foremost we aimed to make a pretty killer pair of shades.  Blending elements of other classic designs and adding out own final touches we came out with our final design.  It's a completely custom style unlike any you will find anywhere else.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into figuring out what worked best.  The frames are on the larger side and relatively flat in the front.  This gives it a really pronounced look.  If standing out from the crowd isn't your thing, then these probably aren't your cup of tea.


All frames are made out of poly carbonate.  If you're not familiar that means strong, really strong.  We've done quite a bit of testing sitting, standing, dropping, and leaving them in the Miami sun.  We have yet to permanently break one (driving over them not recommended).  The lenses are also super clear UV400 and impact resistant.  Those with an active lifestyle should worry no more.  Not only are these extremely resilient, they're priced just right to be replaceable as well.



Our frames also support some pretty trick hinges.  While not as flashy as a metal hinge, they're a lot stronger.  Being as picky as we are, we've also ensured that they feel smooth without the flimsy feeling.



The final trick is the removable hinge.  Not only are the frames made out of a strong polycarbonate the hinges will pop off if pressed too hard.  As well as being a safety feature this also makes the arms interchangeable.  If you can't decide what color you want you can buy a couple pairs and mix and match.  We would recommend getting one of the Solid colors and a Frosted.  Gives a good base for modifying to your own style.